Russian scaber stalk

It took me a while to figure out how “подберезовик” would be in English, but “scaber stalk” seems about right )

scaber stalk

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Russian forest

I really wanted to post something from my recent trip to Russia, but the most memorable time was at the countryside, so I will post a photo of a forest where I tried to find birds, but they were too fast to capture )

Russian forest

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Moscow, VDNH (nostalgic post)

I wanted to find photos of something warm and cozy when writing this post, but well… ) Autumn in Russia is warm enough. It was always my most favourite time of year, when trees turn red and yellow and some stay green, there are leaves on the grass everywhere. The winter is not there yet (cause you always know when it is there, not like in Ireland). Autumn in Russia is usually sunny, rarely rainy and overall – cozy. Dont know, maybe this is how I see it now, people tend to idealize things they had in the past, but I liked it.

I took those pictures when I was in Moscow last month, its still that exhibition area on the South of Moscow. The distances are huge there, if you look at the space between the pavilions – all Cork city center could fit in there) It was made for slow walks, bicycle rides. I bought my first roller blades there and tried them out in the same time. Good times)

This is the Ferris wheel that I took these pictures from.

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VDNH – the All-Russian exhibition area

It’s very interesting, that Soviet times have this golden-marble-cold-war-KGB reputation in Europe. I blame James Bond movies for that, but there must be another reason. But what else?..
Even though I wasn’t really an adult back then, I just can’t idealize those times. I remember gold and marble, red flags and parades, but I also remember endless queues in the stores, same clothes everywhere, same groceries if there were any at all. I can be nostalgic about events of my life back then, but not about the times overall.

Getting to the point here. This is the All-Russian-Exhibition center that I already showed a bit from the Ferris wheel. Now this is something that presents that Soviet chic in all it’s glory. I loved to walk there, but well, places like this advertise Soviet glory more than anything.

Each pavilion represented one of the friendly republics or countries, and they were used to show and sell the local goods. Right now the themes are mixed, you can still see that pavilions were used for something else not that long ago, but right now you can buy medical supplies, electronics, musical instruments there and much more.

It’s like a paradise for the nostalgic person – old marble pavilions, some of them are abandoned and forgotten, some of them have been reconstructed and are shining with all the glory of the golden statues. You can buy Soviet doughnuts there and “shahlyk” (barbecued meat) right on the streets. It’s a great place for a walk, a bit misleading, but still great.

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Moscow Ring Road – traffic jam

We were returning back home at around 11 in the evening, and this is what we found. Moscow has three ring roads, this one was once the border of the city and was supposed to serve as a fast track. There have always been traffic jams, but not that late in the evening. We even stopped and I tried to take a picture of it, you can see, that there are cars driving slowly both ways to the horizon.

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