Vondelpark, Amsterdam

This one is from last year, spent a weekend in Amsterdam sometime in autumn. The hotel was near the Vondelpark and it was nice to walk there in the evening, sunsets there are amazing )

Vondelpark Amsterdam

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Amsterdam – channels and boats

What I love in Amsterdam is the architecture, and the channels. And the boats of course. And their big swimming houses docked near the quiet streets. And their bicycles, the ones with the very low frames, comfortable seats, wide handlebars. I even love the flower baskets they put on the front of the bicycle, it doesn’t make them look provincial, especially when there is a very angry and aggressive person in a business suit driving it.

I also love poffertjes in a sugar powder and the evening lights in the streets far from the city center. But I will talk about that some other time with photos, of course.

This time I wanted to post few pictures of the boats I met on my way when I took a boat cruise. The weather was not so good, clouds and even some rain, but I managed to take few photos.

The house on the last photo is not actually a boat, its a swimming house, and I wonder if it can be moved to the other location by the channel. Some time I will definitely stay in one of those, it must be so unbelievable cool to fall asleep there…

You can find my first post about the last Christmas vacation in Amsterdam here.

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Amsterdam, 2011

It’s weird, but I don’t like the city center in Amsterdam. It’s too commercial, too many tourists, too much things set up especially for them (like sex shops, shrooms and weed shops). I’ve been in Amsterdam quiet a few times already, and for some reason didn’t go outside of the city center much. I know it’s my fault, but something always came up, or I was too lazy to go anywhere )

So this time I was very determined to explore and booked a hotel far from the city center. It was also a good decision, because hotel rooms in Amsterdam are really small, even in the good hotels the room can be pretty much as big as a double bed in it. But in the hotel we stayed the room was fine, though the window was sealed and we couldn’t open it, but well… Happens! )

We spent 2 days in Amsterdam and upon arrival bought the “I Amsterdam” cards. Each costs 50 euros, but gives you free pass for all public transport for 48 hours, provides a lot of restaurant discounts and a free pass to a majority of the museums in the city. You get a guide with all the directions with it as well. We used the cards to get a free boat ride over the channels – that was cool!

I wish some day we rent a boat-house for few days and stay there. It has to be incredibly awesome. I have few photos of the Amsterdam boats, will try to make a separate post about them.

Travel Photos: Amsterdam

Travel Photos: Amsterdam

Travel Photos: Amsterdam

Travel Photos: Amsterdam

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Amsterdam-Köln-München vacation is near

I am already in the vacation mood. Just 4 more working days left overall, I can disregard them. Looking forward for the weekend – travel shopping, packing, apartment cleaning, buying the Christmas tree… Maybe Galway Christmas market, if someone is ok with driving me there?…….. )

For now the plan for the vacation is: to land in Amsterdam on 19th early in the morning, to find the awesome hotel that I booked few months ago and to go out taking pictures, shopping, eating tasty food. We will leave Amsterdam in 2 days after and will take a train in Köln. I have big plans for Köln, I have to try the local beer and to climb on top of some church agains my will. Also the Christmas market there seems to be amazing! München is next, we will go there by train again, we won’t have a lot of time there, but enough to look at the Christmas market and to buy some local Christmas decorations. I have plans of bringing some home like I did in the last years to add to my collections )

Found some photos of Christmas Amsterdam that I took in 2009. I am already there, why can’t I have a vacation now?.. (

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