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  • A sparrow from Copenhagen

    I wanted to post something from my trip to Copenhagen in January, but the only pic I had edited was the one of a little sparrow )
    Took it in the part near the Tycho Brahe Planetarium early in the morning while waiting for it to open.

    Sparrow from Copenhagen

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    On the way to Linz, Austria

    Took this one last winter early in the morning in the train from Cesky Krumlov to Linz. It was a great trip )

    Ghost Austria

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    Curious squirrel in Central Park, NYC

    The squirrels in Central Park are absolutely shameless in general, this one seemed more curious than others tho )


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    Queensboro Bridge

    Manhattan night view from Queens this March.

    Queensboro Bridge

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    Times Square lights

    Technically this is not Times Square, but you can see its lights ahead. I went there in my first night in NY, tho no photos can describe how magnificent the Times Square really is (
    I chose this photo cause it reminds me so much of the winter time in NY…


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