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Iguana in Fota Wildlife Park

Found this guy in the Tropical House in Fota last weekend. He was hanging high on the tree far from the crowds.

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Fota gardens in IR

Gave infrared photos another try on the weekend, at least it worked with Canon 5d mark II, wasn’t sure about that ) (If you are reading it via email and you don’t see a photo – please click on the post name, I am working on fixing it for now. Thank you!)

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Mara in Fota Wildlife Park

Took this one last weekend in Fota Wildlife Park. They can usually be found in pairs not far from each other, they mate for life.

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Fota gardens in July

It’s been a week since I wrote something in the blog and I apologize for the break I had to take. I’m back on track now and have few posts ready with photos that I took over the last weeks. I’ve already posted few close-ups from Fota gardens that I took in july, but I have few more shots left. It was a wonderful evening, it was around 6pm, the gardens were pretty empty, no people around, the sun gave a nice light, and I really enjoyed it all. I was surprised that the gardens were even open in that … Continue reading

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Fota Botanic Garden close-ups

Yesterday around 5pm I suddenly packed my photo bag and we went to Fota Botanic gardens to take few shots. I’ve been there before, so this time I decided to focus on close-ups and used my macro lens most of the time. I really enjoyed it, the weather was amazing, and since it was past five there were not many people in the gardens, so I could take as many shots as I want. Just as a note to self, Fota Widelife park and the Fota house close at 5pn, but it’s still possible to use the car parking and … Continue reading

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