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Dún Aonghasa at sunset

I was looking through my photo archive to see what picture I’d want to see here today. I guess this is the one )

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Castletownbere, february 2011

I didn’t have a chance to take a lot of photos lately cause of the nightshift, but tomorrow the vacation starts at last! 4 days in Paris! So expect photos of the Eiffel tower and french food soon ) I looked through my archive and found a folder with the photos from our 2 days trip to Castletownbere last year. It’s hard to believe that it was February, but well, this is how Irish winter looks like! To be fair it was the end of the month and almost march, so let’s call it a spring. This is one town … Continue reading

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Sunset in Bad Endorf

I was sorting out my photos from the Christmas vacations and wanted to share with you few more pictures I took in Bad Endorf in Germany. I’ve already posted few before, but they are so different, that it makes sense to show the whole evening. The sun went down pretty fast coloring the sky in all shades of yellow and red. The sunset in that area is genuinly amazing. On the other note, it’s 4.30 at night and I’m at work. Having a nightshift could be quiet fascinating. I thought it would be a torture, but it’s actually pretty good. … Continue reading

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Fota wildlife park 2011

I took these photos in Fota wildlife park about a year ago in February 2011. It was a very cold day, it was so cold that it was hard to press the camera buttons and I was dreaming of the gloves ) Animals seemed a bit chilly as well – they tried to hide in their houses, only animals who were lucky to have a thick fur dared to go out and to look around. It’s much better to go there in summer to be honest, cause I usually take a heavy tripod, a small chair, a set of lenses … Continue reading

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Ring of Kerry, april 2011

Ring of Kerry is a scenic route on the south-west of Ireland, it takes about 5 hours to cover it all, but most of the time you will park you car and stare at the beautiful views lying beneath. The time is totally worth it! Last time I was there in April last year, but didn’t post a lot of photos of it yet (this happens to me sometimes). I only posted some from the Torc Waterfall which is located in the beginning of the route. Spent like an hour there, and I wish I could stay more – I … Continue reading

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