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Strange day, strange post

I’m having a tough day and I wanna think of something good. Of vacations, of taking a bus or a plane to some other town or country, of seeing something new, of doing something new. Or eating something new ) This picture I took during the tour through the Burren, it was a walking tour and we climbed all the way to the hill to look down the valley. I wish I were there now… P.S. Right now my condition can be described with this image:

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Torc Waterfall, Ring of Kerry

I enjoy taking pictures of the water. You can leave me with a camera and a tripod near any kind of running water for hours and I won’t even notice how the time passes by. I love everything about it – how the water looks like on the photos with low exposure, how the splatters shine in the sun, how the water avoids rocks and trees on it’s way – everything. Too bad I rarely have an occasion to find myself full equipped near the waterfall. Those I took on the Torc waterfall, people had to drag me away all … Continue reading

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DIngle peninsula, 2010

Dingle peninsula is known to be one of the tourist attractions in Ireland, though it’s not crowded at all. There is a lonely road along the coast, we were there in late summer and we could rarely see the other car there. Connor pass is the one that leads to this road through the mountains, and once you are there, you will find yourself in a very beautiful and very quiet place.

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Fota Botanical garden, 2010

If you go through the Fota wildlife park to the end, you will find yourself in the Botanical garden. It’s located on the same Fota island, it’s pretty big and very well maintained. It’s a quiet place, looks like kids are more interested in zebras and parrots in the wildlife park than in herbs and trees. Well, it might be for the best) It’s very nice to walk there in summer when flowers are blooming, too bad I didn’t really have a lot of time for it, usually I got there by the end of the day when it was … Continue reading

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Youghal, 2010

Suddenly found few pictures from one of our trips to Youghal in 2010. That time we took rubber boots (which we bought especially for this occasion) and walked along the shore in the water. Sounds a bit crazy, but it was actually really cool. I cant wait for the winter when the dawn is late so I could go there again when it’s dark and take pictures of the rising sun. More pictures from Youghal: http://www.blackiewarner.com/2011/08/20/youghal-2010/

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