Pripyat 2008

Photos from the trip to Pripyat and Chernobyl in 2008.

Iguana in Fota Wildlife Park

Found this guy in the Tropical House in Fota last weekend. He was hanging high on the tree far from the crowds.


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Fanore beach

Discovered a beautiful Fanore beach that overlooks the Aran Islands last week. Used a tripod to take this picture which turned out a bit dangerous since the water completely overtook the spot I used and I had to run away leaving the tripod (with the mounted camera) half covered by the sea water! )


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A sparrow from Copenhagen

I wanted to post something from my trip to Copenhagen in January, but the only pic I had edited was the one of a little sparrow )
Took it in the part near the Tycho Brahe Planetarium early in the morning while waiting for it to open.

Sparrow from Copenhagen

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Supermoon, Ireland

Just realized I never posted this one! This is from last year supermoon, I think I took it in the same time as the one in the Cork City.


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Sunset in Roches Point

Finally got out in the evening to take some photos. I think the new camera backpack adds points to willpower, it fits everything I need and is ready to go )
Took this one in Roches Point. I had plans for the full moon, but cloudy weather did not allow that (

Sunset in Roches Point Cork Ireland

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