LA – Vegas – Grand Canyon 2013

Grand Canyon

I don’t know how people take photos of Grand Canyon. It’s so unbelievable, it’s really hard to capture it in one photograph.


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Sunset over Newport Beach, California

Posting this one for Lena who just moved to the sunny California. Wishing you all the luck and happiness on the new place, I will miss you!

Here is the photo I took last November on the Newport Beach, sunsets in California are amazing, that’s for sure!

Sunset at Newport beach

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Sunset over Grand Canyon

It’s been ages since I wrote anything here, I can’t even call it a year, more like a year and a half. I’ve been taken lots of instagram photos and it replaced the blog a bit. I still got hundreds of photos from the camera, and it bugs me that I haven’t done anything with them.

I am not sure I can group them in 4 like I used to, so I will try to post one photo at a time and see what happens. Will post smth random this time just to give it a start.

Sunset over Grand Canyon from US trip last November:


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