Germany – Czech Republic car trip 2011

That was an incredible road trip. We got a car in Munich, went to Regensburg and stopped by for a walk, then we crossed the border to the Czech Republic (found a McDonalds there), drove to Prague and checked in the hotel we wisely have pre-booked. Spent 2 days there walking around, taking photos, we even rented out a boat in the Prague city center.
After Prague there was Nürnberg with a farmers market on the main city square, and beautiful, amazing Rothenburg ob der Tauber that looked almost unreal. The next day – Heidelberg, where we found some tasty bar food and continued arguing over where we want to go next. We passed Karlsruhelate in the evening, avoided Stuttgart and got to Kempten pretty tired and exhausted. The next morning there was an alpine road and a castle Neuschwanstein. We ended the trip in Prien, took a ferry to one of the Chiemsee islands and took a day off in the Chimsee spa.

The full map is here:

Car trip – Hohenschwangau, Alpine road

Hohenschwangau is a small village which is famous for the castle Neuschwanstein. Also its a start for the German alpine road that runs near the Austrian border. I think we picked the perfect time for the journey, it was late May and the clouds were so low that they could easily be a taken for a fog.

I couldnt resist taking this picture – it was so peaceful and quiet there, I see myself living there, coming to this bench in the evening to look at the Alps.

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Car trip 2011 – Prague, Regensburg

I don’t have much of the photos from that trip left, but every time when look through the folder I try to find something for the post I remember how awesome that journey was. The weather was great, the car was fast, the food was tasty and towns we passed were different and beautiful in their own unique way. We should do it again!

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Car trip – Germany, Chiemsee lake

I don’t have much photos left to post from that trip. It’s amazing, but so typical for me – I took hundreds of them, only about 90 of them I actually like, and among them only 40-50 I can publish.
I like this one, I took it from the pier in Prien am Chiemsee. It looks so peaceful and quiet, I never thought that Germany can be like that.

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Car trip in germany – Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Heidelberg

On the road from Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Heidelberg I asked to stop the car every 10 minutes. The views are beautiful there – small towns lying in the green fields. And since the road was built pretty high we could see those towns lying far beneath. That road is worth it, I am glad we didn’t take the autobahn and used countryside routes.

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Car trip – Rothenburg ob der Tauber, night Prague,

I really liked that house somewhere outside of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. All covered in flowers, old water well, rooms right under the roof – looked just perfect.

My attempt to get a picture of the night Prague

And this is the cafe where we had that Apfelstrudel

A small house built in the rocks, looked like a church, but a really small one

More pictures from that trip here:

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