The Burren

The Burren, 2009

The Burren is karst-landscape area in County Clare. The route from Galway to Cliffs of Moher goes through Ballyvaghan and touches the Burren, so it must be a popular tourist attraction. Though like everywhere in Ireland even in the most touristic places there are not many people at all, you won’t see crowds of tourists climbing the karst hills of the Burren or queues to enter the Aillwee cave. I think it’s just great)

We had a walking tour in the Burren and climbed one of the karst hills – the view is amazing from up there, and I will definitely want to go there again. One thing to remember – to wear some old boots, or the rocks will kill any other.

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Strange day, strange post

I’m having a tough day and I wanna think of something good. Of vacations, of taking a bus or a plane to some other town or country, of seeing something new, of doing something new. Or eating something new )
This picture I took during the tour through the Burren, it was a walking tour and we climbed all the way to the hill to look down the valley. I wish I were there now…

P.S. Right now my condition can be described with this image:

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