Seagulls on the cliffs of the Old Head of Kinsale

I took these photos in January actually, but well… you know ) But better late than never, so posting a couple of seagull photos that I took early morning on the Old Head of Kinsale.

The reason I went there was to take photos of the sunrise, but it’s not the best place for it to be honest, the sunrise is hidden behind the hills and you can only catch the color of the sky, which is nice anyway.

I am thinking of going back there with a proper lens, cause it was quite fun to hunt the birds (in a photographic way).

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Koko – handmade chocolate from Kinsale

Found this small and cozy chocolate shop in Kinsale when we were there last weekend. The shop is located right in the city center pretty much across the street from the tourist office.

I so like the small sweets shops, they remind me of a movie “Chocolate” with Johnny Depp, and Koko is one of them. I wrote some time ago about O’Connail shop in Cork, but O’Conaill is bigger and more commercial, you can even buy their chocolate in the Cork airport.

Koko is a small and cozy shop which offers handmade chocolate bars, some candies and various hot beverages. We tried hot colambian cocoa there (which has this bitter sweet taste of dark chocolate) and a chocolate shot. That shot was filled with melted milk chocolate, the one that you usually get in the chocolate foundtain, and it’s very, very tasty. Every time in the past when I had strawberries dipped in a chocolate fountain I wondered how awesome it would be to have just pure melted chocolate. What can I say, it is indeed really awesome )

Travel Photos: Ireland, Kinsale, Koko Chocolate shop

Travel Photos: Ireland, Kinsale, Koko Chocolate shop

Travel Photos: Ireland, Kinsale, Koko Chocolate shop

Travel Photos: Ireland, Kinsale, Koko Chocolate shop

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Weekend day in Kinsale

Took this photo using Instagram, but wanted to share it anyway to keep a memory of an awesome weekend day when we first took our car for a ride out of the city.

The weather was amazing – sunny and warm, no clouds or rain for the whole day, which is pretty rare. We went to Kinsale, had few snacks there, then went to the Old Head of Kinsale to see the ocean, returned back to the town and had a tasty seafood chowder in Dino’s.

So liked that day… Need more weekends! )

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Kinsale, 2009

I decided to post something sunny and warm, when its so dark and cold outside. Found my photos from my first trip to Kinsale (Cionn tSáile) in 2009.

This town is a huge tourist attraction, Kinsale is famous for its restaurants and for the yacht club (since it’s located on the coast).
Because of the tourists it’s hard to see the real Irish life there, not in the city center anyway. But if you go a bit to the suburbs you can find beautiful small houses painted in bright colors with back yards and gardens, covered in green plants.

I like it there in summer, when the weather allows to explore the area outside of the city center, which is full of small restaurants and cafes of course. One of the famous ones is the Fishy Fishy restaurant, and if you like seafood this is a place to go.

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