Dungarvan, 2011

Dungarvan (Dún Garbháin) is a small town on the south coast of Ireland. I really enjoy exploring the area along the coast, you can always find some interesting local food, traditional pubs with wooden floors (and walls), you can watch sailors fixing their gear, and you will see in action all kinds of boats made for the family trips or a fishing business. And of course this smell of ocean in the air – a mix of fish and sea grass. You can’t really have it in the city.

The quay we saw when we arrived, we took a Buseireann bus, it stops not far away from the town center.

On the wall you can see the toucan, one of the symbols of Guinness

Closer view of the harbor, you can see different boats parked (?) all together

I really liked the second floor apartment here. Reminds me a bit of a City Square in Cork, but this one looks more traditional to me because of how the green door is decorated.

The weather was not sunny, but luckily not much rain that day

I liked that room in between the two buildings. Also on this picture you can see how hard it is to fix the horizon on the photo – buildings are not standing straight, the ground is a hill, and the road sign is totally bent

Those are the decorations in the sports-bar

The quay again. On each of the metal things (?) there is a date which could mean the year when it was built. Correct me if I’m wrong )

The last view on the harbor. You can see how the boats are secured – there is a door with a metal net and a simple numeric keyboard to enter your entrance code. If you don’t know the code it’s quiet hard to get to the boats since the door secures the only bridge. I wonder if it’s easy to just jump on it )

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