St. James’s Gate Brewery

St. James’s Gate Brewery is a big tourist attraction in Dublin. So last time when I was in Dublin I thought, that it’s enough of paperwork for one day and decided to play tourist, which turned out really great.

If you happen to be in Dublin for one or two days, consider buying a ticket for one of the “hop on hop off” busses. there are few different companies but the routes are pretty much the same. The ticket costs around 15 euros each, but it’s valid for 2 days, gives dicounts for some tourist attractions and you can use these busses to travel around the whole city center, and even to the Houston train station.

Back to the brewery – the whole building looks very industrial and serves as a museum of all kind of technical equipment used to harvest raw materials and produce Guinness. You start at the huge hall with the exposition of different Guinnes bottles, and then start with the very basics of the brewing process – a huge jar of barley and a waterfall, few floors of machinery, termometers, press-machines.

Somewhere half way you can taste the product, there are some samples for free )
The tour is not over on that stage, you still have to climb to the top of the building and to see the boats, ships, trains that were used to transport Guinness kegs. The top floor is the Gravity Bar – a round room with the glass walls, you can see a lot of Dublin from there.

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, St. James's Gate Brewery

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, St. James's Gate Brewery

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, St. James's Gate Brewery

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, St. James's Gate Brewery

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, St. James's Gate Brewery

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, St. James's Gate Brewery

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Irish stew in M.J. O’Neill’s pub in Dublin

Last time in Dublin I wanted to see as many local pubs and try as much local food as possible. M.J. O’Neill’s pub appeared to be a very touristic place, a really cool one though.

It’s located in the city center, near the Grafton street, it’s really huge – it has few floors, and even in the evening it wasn’t full. It’s an old building with wooden pillars and leather seats, they have a huge selection of beer and stout there, also a menu with the bar food.

They serve food there like in most pubs in Ireland – something like a self-service, you take a tray and get the food, you pay for it and then you are seated somewhere and you can order drinks if you’d like.

It was really dark inside, so it took me some time until I got a picture of the stew that I liked. It’s called a traditional stew, even though I prefer the Aran islands recipe with beef and Guinness, this one was really tasty as well. Very different though, its a lamb stew, not creamy at all but with chunks of meat covered in broth.

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, M.J. O'Neill's pub

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, M.J. O'Neill's pub

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, M.J. O'Neill's pub

This was an interesting picture – it’s a screen actually, and from time to time he took out the ipod and put on the headphones )
Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, M.J. O'Neill's pub

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Dublin, 2011

Every time I take pictures in Dublin my only purpose is to capture that gothic and grim atmosphere that I feel there. Sometimes I can, sometimes I cant, but anyway it’s worth seeing in real to make up your mind.

I am thinking of going to Dublin just for the photos and visiting some of the incredible cathedrals and churches they have there. This should be definitely something to see. I just need to get some courage to take photos in the churches, it’s not that easy to go around and admire the ceiling when people are praying nearby.

But anyway, if you happen to go to Dublin, take a “hop in hop off” bus. The ticket is not very cheap, but it’s valid for 2 days and could help to move easily in the city center. Also the bus passes the Heuston train station, do you can save few coins on Luas )

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Irish breakfast in the Slattery’s bar, Dublin

I arrived very early to Dublin because of the immigration office stuff. But luckily I was free around 10 already, so I had a chance to try the Dublin Irish breakfast in one of the pubs.

I already posted pictures from that pub, but not the food photos. I liked that pub a lot – it was old (and clean!), very well decorated, with some small details like old lamps or photographs on the walls. The music was great there as well like Rolling stones and Kansas.

The food was tasty, they served fried eggs with beans, which is the way to do it.
Also the thing I like about bars here – when you order an omelette you can ask for any kind of filling and the chef will try to find it for you. Some bars don’t list any filings in he menu, just “ask about what is available”.

This is not related to food, but I just liked the decorations in that pubs – old ceramic bottles, lamps and an old gramophone on the windowsill.

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Spire of Dublin in all it’s glory

I believe, that there is a way to take a good picture of the Spire of Dublin. But I took this one.
I tried to dance around it to find any way it would look as huge and monumental on the photo as it is in real life, but well, I guess it takes more tries.

The Spire is 121.2 metres high, and on the rainy day you can’t see the top – steel monument totally disappears in the grey sky. At night the top lightens up, I’ve always thought it’s because of the helicopters, but it’s possible that it has some other meaning. Anyway, it looks great at night, at least few meters of the monument on the top are lightened up serving as a beacon for the city center.

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