Dingle coast

Conor Pass, Dingle

Is it a cloud? Is it a fog? You never know in Dingle!


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Somewhere on the way to Dingle

Took this one sometime in early 2012 on the way to Dingle. Technically it’s not really Dingle, but no way to know for sure )


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Traditional lamb stew in Dingle

This January my friends visited me in Ireland and we had a chance to drive around on the weekend. It was a really great trip, and I want to thank everyone who made it happen )

We left Cork on the Friday night, stopped by Limerick and had a nice meal in the restaurant. Then followed the road to Doolin and in the middle of nowhere found a b&b that I booked in advance. B&b is galled “Glasha Meadows” and it turned out to be just great – very cozy rooms, great breakfast and nice and friendly owners.

In the morning after the breakfast we made our way to the Cliff of Moher. There won’t be any photos of the cliffs, cause for some reason I cannot, I genuinely can’t take a decent picture of them. Took great photos of my friends with the cliffs on the background, but when it comes to the landscape – the result is totally unsatisfying.

Well anyway, after the cliffs we drove to Dingle, which is practically a different side of Ireland. Passed through a beautiful Connor Pass and ended up in Dingle itself. Didn’t stay long there, but long enough to taste a great traditional lamb stew. One can say that it looks almost like the lamb stew from the M.J. O’Neill’s pub in Dublin
but you can totally feel the difference. The stew in Dingle had more interesting root vegetables and the lamb was spiced differently for sure ) But in general – yup, pieces of very tender lamb stewed with the root vegetables in the tasty broth.

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dingle

Bonus photo) That fisherman boat looked great
Travel Photos: Ireland, Dingle

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Connor pass, January 2012

Connor pass is a scenic road leading to the Dingle peninsula, I’ve been there already in 2010, but its amazing how different it looks in summer and in winter. I know, it sounds obvious, but Ireland seems to me like a country of one season, the climate here is very mild, and it’s hard to notice the seasons change. Of course, I can only compare it to living in Russia when people have 4 sets of clothes to survive 4 different seasons, but you got the idea )

If you happen to drive in Ireland – you have to spend half a day and drive to Dingle, this is an unforgettable experience. Half way through there is a mountain lake that you can climb to, and if you pick a day during the working week there wont be anyone to disturb you.

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DIngle peninsula, 2010

Dingle peninsula is known to be one of the tourist attractions in Ireland, though it’s not crowded at all. There is a lonely road along the coast, we were there in late summer and we could rarely see the other car there. Connor pass is the one that leads to this road through the mountains, and once you are there, you will find yourself in a very beautiful and very quiet place.

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