Supermoon in Crosshaven

In the end of the day it hit me that this will be the last supermoon for 2014, so I thought I shouldn’t miss it. Took a closer photo as well, will post it later )


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Sunny weekend in Crosshaven

First thing first – I am going on vacation! Leaving for Rome in few hours! I will try to post something from Rome, I should have internet in the hotel. But if I don’t, it would be because I’m busy walking around and taking photos, eating tasty pizza and ice-cream, enjoying the sun and the heat, buying all the stuff that I want to buy, sightseeing and having a long night sleep. Vacation!

I will leave you a little bit of a sunny Ireland, something that we have seen surprisingly a lot lately. Took these in Crosshaven in one of the weekends of May, the bay with the beach is the one where I took the waves photos.

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Atlantic ocean waves in Crosshaven bay

I dont know if there are a lot of things in life that I love more than taking photos of the runnig water. It’s like a magnet for me, the time slows down and I can spend hours taking photos without even noticing it. When I took photos of the Torc Waterfall I spent like half an hour and my friends had to force me to return to the car.

Today we went to Crosshaven, its a small coastal town half an hour drive from Cork. It’s very beautiful there, the bay is amazing – green water, salty taste of the ocean in the air, a small beach and of course the waves. It’s possible to find a sheltered spot and spend some time there doing nothing just watching the ocean.

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