Iguana in Fota Wildlife Park

Found this guy in the Tropical House in Fota last weekend. He was hanging high on the tree far from the crowds.


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Supermoon, Ireland

Just realized I never posted this one! This is from last year supermoon, I think I took it in the same time as the one in the Cork City.


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Sunset in Roches Point

Finally got out in the evening to take some photos. I think the new camera backpack adds points to willpower, it fits everything I need and is ready to go )
Took this one in Roches Point. I had plans for the full moon, but cloudy weather did not allow that (

Sunset in Roches Point Cork Ireland

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Cork city

Took this one a week ago, was driving home and couldn’t help it, it was too cool to miss.


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Sunrise in Cork

This is something I posted many times on my Instagram and it’s time for it to crawl into my blog as well. Sunrise as seen from River Lee )


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