Castletownbere boats, spring 2011

What I definitely will remember about that trip to the Bere island, is how we climbed down that hill in the deep grass, rocks and sheep… erm, sheep traces. That was unforgettable. But this post is not about that)

I was sorting out my photos yesterday and found out that I took quiet a few pictures of the boats in Castletownbere. I haven’t seen a lot of real fisherman boats before I came to Ireland, and for me it’s just amazing that there is this town that lives from the fisherman business, and everything there is somehow connected to it.

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Castetownbere, spring 2011

Bere Island (Oiléan Béarra) is a very small island on the south-west coast. There are not many people living there, and the island is mostly covered by sheep and grass. Sheep are totally wild there, I think they only see the human form when they get a haircut.
Castetownbere is a small fisherman town, there is a ferry going to the island every few hours. Once we were in Kinsale which is famous for it’s fish, and found out in one restaurant, that they get their fish from Castetownbere.

The view from the island

Pier in Castetownbere

Local church

Inside the ferry

Lighthouse on the island. Its the whole adventure to get there

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Castletownbere, 2011

Found our pictures from that time. Was a great trip )

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