“Yo sushi” in Dublin

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As I mentioned in the previous post about homemade sushi ( – there are not many sushi restaurants in Ireland. One of them is a “Yo sushi” in Dublin, which is a little bit to technical to my taste )
Tables are located around the double belt that is always in motion – there are plates of different colors on it, you can grab whatever you want and keep the plate for the checkout. Te price depends on the color of the plate. We were there on the “blue Monday” when all the plates were blue, but in general the colors are different.

There is a menu, of course, but as I understood pretty much everything from the menu can be placed on belts eventually – you should just wait for it to pass by. Miso soup is tasty there, and if you order it – refill is for free )

Every table has 2 water taps for still and sparkling water, and an unlimited supply of wasabi and the say sauce.

Rated 3/5 on August 27, 2011

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Homemade sushi – the process in photos

Sushi restaurants are pretty much non existent in Ireland. There is a “Dashi sushi” in Cork, but well, it’s more of a take away than a restaurant. The closest thing to a restaurant is “Yo sushi” in Dublin. At first, its a bit of a long way to go, and other than that – its more of a cafe with moving belts of food all over the hall. I will post a picture sometime later )

Making sushi at home is a lot of fun, you can choose the ingredients of your liking and make as much as you want. I must warn that some cooks might not call it a sushi at all – don’t care) Its tasty!

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