Russian food

Crêpe with sausages and mashed potatoes

In Russia we have a fast food chain called “Теремок” which specializes in traditional Russian food. So I can’t really call it a crepe, for me it’s just a big pancake.

They also have buckwheat porridge with roasted mead and horseradish or any other filling, Russian soups like erm Ukha (according to Wikipedia but in reality its a kind of a fish soup) or borscht )

But what I miss the most is a pancake with sausages and mashed potatoes… So tasty!
I also used to like pancakes with chocolate and banana or cheese and potatoes…

I wonder if they have something like this in France? (and I mean sausages and mash of course, not crepes in general).

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That doughnuts

In Soviet times there were no other doughnuts. Only these ones, very thick, deep-fried in oil as a circle sprinkled with sugar powder. In the last 20 years there are more American (?) than Russian doughnuts in Russia – this filled pastry, baked not deep-fried, with some sugar coating on top. But on that exhibition area, ВДНХ, you can buy that old doughnuts, actually that was the reason we went there. They are even called “That doughnuts” to show that they sell good old Soviet stuff )

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Pancakes with caviar

This is how we eat pancakes in Russia!

I can’t believe I am going there in 8 days already. My flight is on 2nd in the evening, so I will be in Moscow on 3rd at 2am which is ok. I have so much plans, need to buy a lot of stuff, visit a lot of nostalgic places, meet with friends. And all in 2 days) After that – Igromir, and this is gonna be a lot of fun! I will try to make time and take pictures of the exchibition of course.

(photo from our trip to Novgorod in 2008)

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What could I eat right now…

Pelmeni is something that people usually buy in the stores frozen. This is so wrong, I can’t even start describing it. Pelmeni should be hand made, properly frozen with the right amount of spices and quality mince. I could have some right now… Too bad you have to spend 4-6 hours making them first (

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