Irish stew

Weekend trip to Killarney

Even though the weather wasn’t really good on the weekend we decided to go to Killarney to pick up that white asparagus that some (!) people don’t like and which they don’t sell usually in Ireland at all. But there is a “German butcher shop” in Killarney which provides food from the homeland for half of my colleagues from work, and in this time of the year they sell some white asparagus )

They sell some other food as well, mostly canned food, spices, ready mixes for cakes and sauces, sweets. So if you are a German living in Ireland and if you are homesick – this is a place for you to go )

I took few photos on the way, but it was raining most of the time and pretty cold, so didn’t get a lot of them.

We stopped in Killarney to have a lunch, but surprisingly it was pretty hard to find a place to eat there. It’s a very touristic town, and there are a lot of pubs and cafes and restaurants, but it was Saturday around noon, so everything was closed. We found a nice pub though that served bar food and I had a very tasty beef and Guinness stew )

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Traditional lamb stew in Dingle

This January my friends visited me in Ireland and we had a chance to drive around on the weekend. It was a really great trip, and I want to thank everyone who made it happen )

We left Cork on the Friday night, stopped by Limerick and had a nice meal in the restaurant. Then followed the road to Doolin and in the middle of nowhere found a b&b that I booked in advance. B&b is galled “Glasha Meadows” and it turned out to be just great – very cozy rooms, great breakfast and nice and friendly owners.

In the morning after the breakfast we made our way to the Cliff of Moher. There won’t be any photos of the cliffs, cause for some reason I cannot, I genuinely can’t take a decent picture of them. Took great photos of my friends with the cliffs on the background, but when it comes to the landscape – the result is totally unsatisfying.

Well anyway, after the cliffs we drove to Dingle, which is practically a different side of Ireland. Passed through a beautiful Connor Pass and ended up in Dingle itself. Didn’t stay long there, but long enough to taste a great traditional lamb stew. One can say that it looks almost like the lamb stew from the M.J. O’Neill’s pub in Dublin
but you can totally feel the difference. The stew in Dingle had more interesting root vegetables and the lamb was spiced differently for sure ) But in general – yup, pieces of very tender lamb stewed with the root vegetables in the tasty broth.

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dingle

Bonus photo) That fisherman boat looked great
Travel Photos: Ireland, Dingle

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Irish stew in M.J. O’Neill’s pub in Dublin

Last time in Dublin I wanted to see as many local pubs and try as much local food as possible. M.J. O’Neill’s pub appeared to be a very touristic place, a really cool one though.

It’s located in the city center, near the Grafton street, it’s really huge – it has few floors, and even in the evening it wasn’t full. It’s an old building with wooden pillars and leather seats, they have a huge selection of beer and stout there, also a menu with the bar food.

They serve food there like in most pubs in Ireland – something like a self-service, you take a tray and get the food, you pay for it and then you are seated somewhere and you can order drinks if you’d like.

It was really dark inside, so it took me some time until I got a picture of the stew that I liked. It’s called a traditional stew, even though I prefer the Aran islands recipe with beef and Guinness, this one was really tasty as well. Very different though, its a lamb stew, not creamy at all but with chunks of meat covered in broth.

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, M.J. O'Neill's pub

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, M.J. O'Neill's pub

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, M.J. O'Neill's pub

This was an interesting picture – it’s a screen actually, and from time to time he took out the ipod and put on the headphones )
Travel Photos: Ireland, Dublin, M.J. O'Neill's pub

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Beef and Guinness stew in Galway

This stew I got in the pub called “The front door” in Galway city center. The serving is not usual, since the potato mash was placed separately. Also it was the first stew I had that was served with a piece of pastry on top. It wasn’t that thick as the one from Aran islands, but still very tasty and even could be considered a light meal… Or not!

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Guinness beef stew – Aran islands

Stout beef stew is something that I tried in Ireland for the first time, and to be honest, this is one of my favourite dishes now. 2 years ago I took a 10 days vacation and traveled around Ireland a bit to try different versions of Irish stews. And the way people cook it heavily depends on the county.

One of my friends asked me to post more about different versions of Irish stew, so I will start with the one that I think is the best in the country – the Guinness beef stew that they serve on Aran islands in the small cafe near Dún Aonghasa.

That stew is very thick, the meat is soft since it was stewed for the long hours before serving. They serve it with mash potatoes and few mushrooms (which I don’t think is very traditional isn’t it?). The main thing there is the taste of Guinness – its very distinguished and adds a little bit of a sweet note to the whole dish.

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