Irish breakfast

Saturday breakfast in Amicus

It’s been a while since I posted photos of the breakfast here, so this time I got few tasty shots in “Amicus Paul street” on Saturday morning and wanted to share them with you.

It’s hard to find a place to eat in the morning on the weekend (surprisingly). It is surprising, because to my opinion weekend is when people actually want to eat out in the morning. But looks like Amicus is one of the few places that open up early, on Saturday they open at 8.30 which is incredibly early for Cork standards )
Just to compare, Market Lane opens at 12…

Eggs Benedict were very tasty, kinda got addicted to them lately, couldn’t stand them before though )

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Irish breakfast in the Slattery’s bar, Dublin

I arrived very early to Dublin because of the immigration office stuff. But luckily I was free around 10 already, so I had a chance to try the Dublin Irish breakfast in one of the pubs.

I already posted pictures from that pub, but not the food photos. I liked that pub a lot – it was old (and clean!), very well decorated, with some small details like old lamps or photographs on the walls. The music was great there as well like Rolling stones and Kansas.

The food was tasty, they served fried eggs with beans, which is the way to do it.
Also the thing I like about bars here – when you order an omelette you can ask for any kind of filling and the chef will try to find it for you. Some bars don’t list any filings in he menu, just “ask about what is available”.

This is not related to food, but I just liked the decorations in that pubs – old ceramic bottles, lamps and an old gramophone on the windowsill.

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Irish breakfast in Dublin

It’s been a while since I posted something for the “Irish breakfast” page. This breakfast we had in Dublin in a small cafe on a side street near Grafton. By that time I was a bit tired of Irish pubs (which are crazy cool in Dublin) and wanted to find something small and cozy.

It’s a small bakery and cafe right across the street from the tea shop. It’s really dark inside, like in the most pubs and cafe’s I’ve been in Dublin, there were some candles and lamps on the walls. And Christmas decorations, of course. The food was really nice and tasty, I only wish I tried something from the pastry… )

I was strong (almost) and had a tasty porridge with raisins and banana. But well, pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries is not something you can easily resist you know.

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Tony’s bistro, Cork

Tony’s bistro is a small cafe on North main street. Went there last weekend, it was the first fired meal I had for 2 weeks I guess, since I bought a steam cooker. It was good ) It’s a small cafe, very Irish and cozy. What surprised me there was the menu with 8 types of breakfasts they had. In general pretty much all of them were a modification of the first, the biggest one, but still it was interesting that they separated them and gave them celebrity names. Usually when you order a breakfast you can modify your order as you wish, add extra stuff or skip something.

That time I had a small breakfast, I think it was number 8 and was called Marilyn Monroe )

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Irish breakfast in Kilmurvey b&b

It’s been a while since i posted something tasty here, isn’t it? This is a very simple Irish breakfast I had in Kilmurvey b&b on aran islands. Other than that they served a very interesting thing – an oatmeal porridge with a shot (!) of whiskey! Yes, a real shot of whiskey that you can or mix with the porridge or use separately)

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