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Now seems like the best time to be a bit nostalgic about the food, and the food from the Christmas markets in particular.

We spent 3 days in Cologne, and in those 3 days we didn’t eat anything except for the food from the markets. No restaurants or cafes or take aways.
I can’t say I felt really good after that, but it was totally worth it. I love Christmas markets food, and even if I can’t spell the name of most of it, I will still be missing it over the year.

This is how they make Käse Rösti (something like hash browns with melted cheese on top).
The cheese piece is cut in half and it’s being melted under a heater. When the Rösti is ready, they cut the upper layer of the melted cheese with a knife into a pan, sprinkle it with some nutmeg and serve it like that. So far it’s one of the most unhealthy and tasty at the same time thing I’ve ever had.

Travel Photos: Germany, Christmas Markets

Travel Photos: Germany, Christmas Markets

Fried meat, Russians would call it шашлык, but I have no idea how to name it in English, according to my Irish boss at work it’s not a common thing in Ireland at all. Basically it’s a marinated pork fried on the open fire on a stick.
Travel Photos: Germany, Christmas Markets

Butterbrots with rye bread, smoked ham and pickles.
Travel Photos: Germany, Christmas Markets

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Apfelstrudel in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

This is how they serve the Apfelstrudel in the most beautiful little town in Germany – hot strudel with whipped cream and a bowl of vanilla sauce. With Apfelschorle of course )

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