House of Waterford Crystal

Since I haven’t posted a lot lately I have loads of photos saved, so they should cover my blog posts for the next few months at least! )

I will start with few photos from Waterford where I visited the House of Waterford Crystal. I’ve been there a couple of weeks ago, stopped by out of curiosity and literally couldn’t make myself leave the showroom. A camera plus a room full of crystal is a deadly combination. There are so many photo opportunities, I could spend there the whole day and wouldn’t even notice the time passing by.

The crystal items in the showroom are all different, very beautiful, and look very fragile )
There are some really expensive items and affordable sets, surprisingly. Haven’t bought anything though, thinking of going there closer to Christmas to get a decoration piece for my tree.

It’s a pity the factory was closed for visitors that day, I would love a tour to see the production process. But maybe next time )

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  • Charles

    Huh, I had no idea Waterford Crystal was made in Ireland… I’d always thought it was made in England somewhere. Looks like an interesting place to visit – a factory tour must be great… too bad it was closed (to visitors) that day.

  • Mark

    These are really cool, I remember you showing me them, you should definitely return and do the tour!!:)