Aran islands on Instagram

It will be an big post where I wanted to gather in one place all Instagram photos that I took during my 4 days vacation on Aran Islands this October. I know that some of you will hate me (hey, Charles), but please bear with me )

I had a great time there and without a doubt will go there again. It was nice to spend more than two days on Inis Mór, I could see the whole island with no rush, watch the sunrise and the sunset from Dún Aonghasa, take photos of the waves and much more. Loved my b&b as well, stayed in Kilmurvey house as I did in the previous years, it’s one of the best ever.

I got photos from my camera as well, haven’t sorted them out yet though. But I wanted to post something anyway, so here we go )

Sunset and sunrise at Dún Aonghasa:

On the way to the island, ferry port in Ros an Mhíl

On the top deck of the ferry

On the way to Inis Mór

Ferry port on Inis Mór, it wasn’t that dark actually )

The weather was a bit unpredictable, but sunny for a while

The sky is getting gloomy

First time I got to the other side of the island

Could not resist taking photos of the waves, was tricky with an iphone tho

View from the other side of the island


I would love to live in a house with this view

On the way to Kilmurvey house


Early morning near Kilmurvey house

Tried to go for a run in the morning, stopped every hundred meters for the photos

On the beach near Kilmurvey house (don’t be surprised I spent that much time in there, it’s one of the few spots on the island with 3g).

Sunrise at Dún Aonghasa


Breakfast at Kilmurvey house

These ladies blocked my way, had to go around them

Evening on the beach near Kilmurvey house

Having the best beef and Guinnes stew in the dining room in Kilmurvey house

Sunset at Dún Aonghasa

The best place to watch the sunset

Sunset at Dún Aonghasa

The way back

Tried to catch the moon

Watching the sunrise from my balcony in the last day on the island

View from the ferry on the way back

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  • Charles

    Love the 18th pic – did you take a shot of that using a non-fail photographic method too? I hope so. Breakfast looks great, although I’m not sure about beans with smoked salmon, lol :D

    “best beef and Guinnes stew” – please, I bet I could make a better one! The carrots look they’re out of a can!

    • Blackie Warner

      Heh, all of them are iphone+instagram, instagram does something to a camera, I think it takes multiple photos to choose the most sharp one, don’t know)

      Breakfast was amazing, actually I didn’t eat the salmon with beans, I took the bagel with salmon to my room and had it later on the balcony looking at this
      Well, you should come to Cork and make me your best stew, I will decide it it’s close to the one from the island )

  • Robert-Gilles Martineau

    Aran Islands! One place I haven’t visited yet in dear Ireland!

    You are so lucky!

    Thank you so much for sharing these exquisite pictures!

    Best regards,


    • Blackie Warner

      Thanks, Robert-Gilles! If you like Ireland you totally should go to Aran Islands, it doesn’t get more Irish than that )
      I love the islands, will go there again for sure when it gets warmer.