Cloon Lough in County Kerry at dawn

Yesterday had an awesome day in Kerry taking photos of Cloon Lough. Had to wake up at 4am because of that, but that was totally worth it!

I wish it wasn’t so cold and wet though and we could climb the hills around and take some photos from above. To be honest it was a bit tricky even to get close to the lake, the ground was all swampy.

The sunrise was hidden behind the hills but it colored the sky in blue and violet and it was very beautiful. Have like 10 photos of the same place and all of them are colored in all shades of blue.

Oh, and there were some cows on the bank of the lake, they were so sleepy that I could use 10secs exposure on them! )

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  • Charles

    Moo! What’s with the random cows wandering around? Are they enclosed somehow? I mean – how does the farmer round them up? :o

    • Blackie Warner

      Well they can’t really go anywhere unless they swim across the lake. There was a farm somewhere nearby, and anyway the cows were so sleepy I doubt they were in the mood for adventures )

  • Michelle Coffey

    Wow amazing photography. Just seen these pics now that’s my families home. Thanks so much for sharing. I am planning to get all your photography on canvas for my dads 70th birthday