My apologies and few photos from the last two weeks

It’s been a while since I wrote the last post and I wanted to apologize for the break I had to take from the site. A lot happened in the last two weeks and I had to take some time off, but at least I have few photos saved during this time to show you )

Let’s see what I’ve been up to…

We had a really cool photoshoot in the Currabinny woods with Elena Nikora who agreed to model for me again. I had an idea of a Red Riding Hood for a while now, but it required a lot of preparations and finally we made it. The photoshoot itself was kinda extreme – we thought we could manage just the two of us with all the clothes and equipment and it was a bit tricky ) The venue I found for the shoot was on the hill and I was slipping down all the time, also I was all covered in mud and leaves but it was totally worth it! )

Also we went out to Fota Gardens to take photos of the kids, and that was the whole new experience for me. I kinda gave up trying to manage the shots and was just running around capturing what I see, it was a lot of fun though ) Kids are very unpredictable but this is what makes them look so natural on the photos (if you are quick enough to take a shot, they move all the time!)

I took quite a lot of photos with Instagram and sometime in the last week I had an idea of taking photos of the sunset every day when I walk home. I took a few already, but it would be hard to continue since I will go on nightshift the next week. I can try to do the same with the sunrise though! )

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  • Charles

    Love the second photo… not sure about the Instagram one, but you know how I feel about those! :D

    • Blackie Warner

      Come on, free your mind from all the prejudice )