Medieval festival in Youghal 2012

I really like Youghal, I like the smell of the ocean in the air, I like the seafood in the restaurants there and I like walking on the beach there. So when I knew that there will be a medieval festival in Youghal I definitely decided to go.

It was pretty great, the festival wasn’t too big around 20-30 tents with festival food, crafts and medieval ammunition. Some people were dressed in chainmails and medieval dresses, children were playing with bows and arrows and had a chance to paint up a personal shield for themselves.

There were some activities as well, people could learn more about archery and try to shoot the target, also there were guys dressed in armor talking about armor crafting. There were even guys who practiced the sword fighting. It was really fun, and the gardens where the festival took place, St. Mary’s college gardens, were really beautiful as well.

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