More photos from Cliffs of Moher

Even though I’ve been to Cliffs of Moher a couple of times in the past, I never went to O’Brien’s Tower for some reason. It’s just when you enter the gates you can climb left and right and I always chose the left path. I goes far away, you can climb over the fence there and sit on the edge of the cliffs thinking of eternity.

The right path is not so long, it ends on top of the cliff where the round tower stands. This time we actually went there, even though it was incredibly windy. There is a small souvenir shop inside the tower by the way and you can climb it to the top to see the cliffs and the ocean beneath.

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  • Charles Smith

    Would love to go down in a little boat into those caves underneath the mainland in that last photo – I wonder what you’d see down there?!

    • Blackie Warner

      I would like to take at least a boat tour myself, should be amazing to see the cliffs from the ocean. I wonder if they do cave exploration as well )

  • John

    Wonderful shots. Will share your post now on the Cliffs of Moher facebook page.