Della Palma gelato in Rome

Anyone who ever been in Italy would agree that Italian icecream is the best in the world. It’s hard to believe it until you try, but it’s totally worth it even if you are not into sweets at all.

You can only have so much icecream in one vacation, so it’s important to find the best one for your taste which means trying different flavors. Some of them are pretty exotic, like chilli chocolate, but if you are into experiments you have a big chance of finding something very awesome.

They sell gelato pretty much everywhere in Rome, there are café chains (like “Blue ice”), there are single small and big shops and I am very sure it’s possible to find real homemade gelato, which should be the best.

Both times I’ve been in Rome I stopped by Della Palma café on Via Maddalena at some point. They serve over 100 flavors of gelato and it’s impossible not to try any. I posted a small panorama below made with my phone to show the scale of the place, you can spend the first half an hour just reading through the articles to find the best mix for the first round. It’s pretty cheap there as well, as far as I remember they sell 3 flavors for 3 euros or something like that, which is less than a pint of Guinness in Ireland ))

My favourite mix btw is double creme pistachio with rich creme chocolate )

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  • Charles Smith

    Blegh, pistachio ice-cream! Nice place though – did you ever try Berthillon ice-cream when you were in Paris? That stuff is awesome too.