Missing Aran Islands

I can’t wait for the vacation. It will be probably in August when I will take a week off, pack my bag and drive to Doolin (or Galway). I will take a ferry to Inis Mór, rent a bike, get to b&b and just relax without the phone, internet, work and everything related to that.

Can’t say what I am looking for the most. Probably running in the early morning on the beach in the cold wind and maybe even rain. It will be unbelievably good.

I will have a Guinness beef stew every day and an apple tart, I will walk to the cliffs in Dún Aonghasa to see the sunset and the sunrise. I will take photos of everything and mostly the waves. I will take hundreds photos of the waves, so be prepared )

I have a whole page with posts and photos of Aran islands, but tried to find few more from the vacation last year. It was in September and it was pretty chilly there, but it was great nevertheless.

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  • http://fiveeurofood.com Charles Smith

    Love the first shot! Did you post it before? I can’t remember… seems familiar. I thought the island name seemed familiar too… I was reading about it on Wikipedia recently in the Father Ted article… it was filmed there or something maybe, or the island was laying claim to being the “fictional location it was based on”…

    • http://www.blackiewarner.com Blackie Warner

      Thank you, Charles )
      I posted photos from the sunset before ( http://www.blackiewarner.com/2011/09/16/aran-islands-2011/) , not this one though. The sky was changing every minute and I have like 30 different photos taken in 20-30 minutes.

      Hmm, in the article they say that the opening was filmed on Inis Oírr, I’ve never been there actually, but maybe I will try to see it this year.