Irish Examiner food festival in Cork 2012

There will be food photos in this post because I just returned from the Irish Examiner food festival in Fitzgerald park and I couldn’t help taking few macro shots of the tasty things they have in there.

In was the first time I went to this festival, and it was a lot of fun. Basically it’s a park area where Cork restaurants, pubs and local brands present their food and drinks. There are places to sit everywhere, I liked the bean bags near the fountain) You pay the entrance fee, but the food inside is not expensive at all, they serve small portions and you can walk around and taste a lot of things starting from steak and fries and finishing with strawberries in chocolate.

I liked it there, it was nice to be there in the evening, the music was great, the food was tasty, and it was fun in general )

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  • Charles Smith

    You should caption the photos when you shoot food… I really want to know what the first picture is of, it looks very nice.

    • Blackie Warner

      Heh, I should! )
      If I am not mistaken it’s the tuna fillet on the first photo, it was presented by Oysters restaurant in Cork, they had oysters there as well of course, have few photos of them too, maybe will post them later.