Sunrise at Shanagarry beach

I love watching the sunrise, here in Ireland you can find some beautiful views on the ocean round 5-6am, so 2 weeks ago we woke up at 4 and went to Shanagarry beach.
It is located near Ballycotton which is half an hour drive from Cork. It’s very beautiful up there, especially with the low tide.

I can’t say that the white balance is hunded percent correct, the sky was changing every minute from dark blue to violet, but let’s say there definitely was a moment when the sky was like that)

P.S. I moved my blog to another host, sorry for the downtime! It should be up and running now, but if you experience any problems, please tell me! )

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  • Charles Smith

    That second pic with the lighthouse is really cool – shame you couldn’t have caught a bit of the sunrise in the photo. I bet it was freezing cold… looks like something I’d rather stay in bed for :D

    • Blackie Warner

      Well, it was part of the sunrise, so don’t complain! ) It was not that cold actually, I was also running on the beach that morning, and it was wonderful!

  • Carmel Brice

    Thank you for bringing me home for an instant !!!!!!

    • Blackie Warner

      Thank you, Carmel! Glad that you liked it)