Fota Botanic Garden close-ups

Yesterday around 5pm I suddenly packed my photo bag and we went to Fota Botanic gardens to take few shots. I’ve been there before, so this time I decided to focus on close-ups and used my macro lens most of the time.

I really enjoyed it, the weather was amazing, and since it was past five there were not many people in the gardens, so I could take as many shots as I want.

Just as a note to self, Fota Widelife park and the Fota house close at 5pn, but it’s still possible to use the car parking and walk in the gardens after that.

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  • Charles Smith

    I like the last photo, although that leaf really annoys me – seems nicely framed by the long grasses on each side of the pic though!

    • Blackie Warner

      Heh why does it annoy you? )
      I like the leaf, it adds some dunno, history to the flowers )