Rome in “Angels and Demons”

I just rewatched the movie “Angels and Demons” and was amazed by how many places in Rome I can recognize because I visited them. Of course all of them are touristic places in the Rome city center, but nevertheless it was nice to see them and remember the time when I walked there. So in this post I wanted to show few of my photos of them, of the places that appeared in the movie.

The last picture is a screenshot from the movie, behind the Pantheon you can see a small shop where we bought most of our souvenirs, such as pasta, cookies and well, alcohol )

Speaking about that, meloncello appeared to be pretty tasty, surprisingly.

P.S. Starting with the next post I will try to reduce the weight of the page and will post one photo on the main page and few photos hidden with the “read more” link. If you think that’s a bad idea, please tell me now, I’m getting desperate here )

Piazza del Popolo

Piazza Navona

Cappella Sistina (I took this photo last year when we actually visited Vatican)

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  • Charles Smith

    Ah, that Sistine Chapel… so beautiful – you didn’t post that shot before though, did you?