Weekend trip to Killarney

Even though the weather wasn’t really good on the weekend we decided to go to Killarney to pick up that white asparagus that some (!) people don’t like and which they don’t sell usually in Ireland at all. But there is a “German butcher shop” in Killarney which provides food from the homeland for half of my colleagues from work, and in this time of the year they sell some white asparagus )

They sell some other food as well, mostly canned food, spices, ready mixes for cakes and sauces, sweets. So if you are a German living in Ireland and if you are homesick – this is a place for you to go )

I took few photos on the way, but it was raining most of the time and pretty cold, so didn’t get a lot of them.

We stopped in Killarney to have a lunch, but surprisingly it was pretty hard to find a place to eat there. It’s a very touristic town, and there are a lot of pubs and cafes and restaurants, but it was Saturday around noon, so everything was closed. We found a nice pub though that served bar food and I had a very tasty beef and Guinness stew )

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  • http://fiveeurofood.com Charles Smith

    The stew looks nice and rich – needs some barley though :D