Nice day at Ostia Lido beach

It feels good to look through the sunny photos from Italy, especially when it’s 13 degrees outside and raining )
I didn’t take a lot of photos there, but wanted to post a few just to remember how awesome it was there.

We didn’t plan to go to the beach initially when we went to Rome, but when landing in Fiumicino we saw that the sea is so close to the airport and decided to spend a day on the beach.

There are few beach areas very close to Rome, and Ostia Lido is I guess the most known one, so we decided to go there. It’s pretty easy to get around in Rome, there is one ticket system for the trains and underground. To get to Ostia Lido you need to get to “Piramide” station first. Don’t leave the station and just turn left after the stairs and you will be on the train platform. You can take any train to get to Ostia Lido, all of them follow the same destination and depart every 10 minutes. The last 4 or even 5 stations on that route lead to the beach areas.

We found a nice private beach which was close to the train station. For 12 euros you get an entrance ticket, a couch and an umbrella to rent, also an access to your changing room. They had a small store at the beach where we could people could buy beach necessities like hats and towels, also some small food like ice cream and water.

One thing I can say for sure – there can’t be too much sunscreen! Though the reason I got sunburns is because we spent too much time there. But it was so hard to leave… )

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  • Charles Smith

    It looks really quiet – I guess because it was a private beach, but I’m surprised there were so few people… or maybe you just did a good job at not photographing them?

    • Blackie Warner

      It was very quiet there in the morning, just few people were there, but by noon it was full. I am glad we found it though, I suspect that public beaches are very loud.

  • Stephyy01

    Is this the main oasis lido beach or a private one?

    • Blackie Warner

      Hello! This is a private beach, we didn’t go to the main one that time. The private beach was very nice and not much expensive though!