Building of Rome

What I really love in Rome it’s the buildings. Just normal buildings where people live. They are so beautiful in details with their elegant balconies and red walls, green plants and decorated roofs, shutters on each window. Sometimes you look at the building and you wonder what kind of people live there. the buildings are full of character and history, it’s hard to imagine ordinary people living there.

This time in Rome I took quiet a lot of photos of the buildings, cause last time I only had few which was a pity. In the end of the vacation I even took the macro lens and took photos of the small details on the buildings, like windows and balconies – some of they are truly unique and it’s hard to believe that people can just live there, cause buildings look like some kind of museums.

In general the vacation went great, we didn’t have any specific plans and just wandered around, took photos, had tasty food, took photos of the food.. Stuff like that )

It was very hot in Rome this time, like very, very hot. If you happen to be in Rome in June don’t go out between 11 and 14 – the heat is crazy) But the evenings re wonderful, the best walk we had was between 6 and 11 in the evening. There was no heat, no killing sun – just a warm evening in amazing Rome, it was good! )

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  • Charles Smith

    Love the first pic – was it just a random street? Looks like part of a castle or something!

    • Blackie Warner

      Yeah, it was just a random street, dunno, it’s just hard to imagine that office workers or someone who has some boring job live in buildings like that.

  • AnnGMorrone