Road to Kildare village

There is one downside to having a car – distances seem shorter, and it doesn’t sound like an insane idea anymore to go shopping to the village on the other side of Ireland. At first GPS showed it as a 2 hours drive, we decided to take a slightly different route and thought – well, 3 hours is not that bad also. After 4 hours drive we finally got to the destination, but that was still fun ) And I could take few photos on the way.

You might ask me why would I need new clothes when I play DIII all day long… Well, it was an attempt to get away, but it kinda failed miserably, cause I woke up this morning at 6 in a desperate need of epics )

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  • Charles Smith

    Great scenery! I know what you mean about having the car – I drove up to the beach in Picardie last year, 3 hours away, and before heading back, we thought we’d check out a little church on the coast, 1.5 hours away further north. Well, we started driving and then realised we couldn’t find it anywhere, so we just turned around and came home :p – 4 hours driving, lol.

    • Blackie Warner

      Haha )
      Yeah, it happens to us a lot, There are a lot of small side roads in Ireland and if you want to stay on track you need to look at gps all the time, which is boring. But as soon as you leave it you get lost, but it’s fun ) As long as you don’t need to be somewhere asap.
      All great trips include getting lost )