Happy Easter!

Yes, today is Easter for me ) The whole Ireland celebrated it a week ago with bunnies and chocolate eggs, so now it is my turn.

Ortodox Easter is a very religious holiday, there is a special set of food that people cook – colored eggs, a dish made of quark, and an easter bread. Sometimes they sanctify the food in the church the day before Easter.

This year I decided to cook at least something and we colored some eggs and I made that quark dish, which turned out to be really good. In general you mix quark with raw (or heated) eggs, cream, vanilla sugar and dried abricots or raisins or succades. Or all of the above )
There are like a thousand recipes of how to do it, but in general in the end you get a paste, that has to be kept in the fridge for the night under presure to become firm.

As for the eggs, it’s much better if you have some white ones, but we couldn’t find them there – only the brown ones. And we used the cooking dye to color them after they were boiled. Though using the dye is pretty much the easiest way, a lot of people use boiled onion peel, or the multicolored wool threads and boil the eggs in them to get them colored.

This is how an Easter morning tastes for me:

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