My blogging plans and the torture of a creative process

This will be a very short post, since it’s 6.45am, I’m sitting at work and can’t dig in my photo archive at home in order to find some photos to post.

As most of you know by now that I’m planning to make a separate portfolio site and finally to chase my photographic dreams. But it’s a lot of work, and making the site is the least of it. I am taking a lot of home studio photos lately, but I’m not even closely satisfied with the results. It’s a matter of experience, equipment and a talent I guess, and I haven’t found out yet what I’m lacking the most.

I am just happy that I found something that I want to look deeper into, cause frankly after 6 years of taking photos of everything it’s about time.

On a non related note, the last week in Russia was a “Масленица” week, a pancake week. I cooked a bit, found a killer recipe by the way, which I will continue to use. I admit that the photo here is just to distract you from an unusual format of the post, but hope it worked! )

Travel Photos: Russian food

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  • Charles Smith

    You know I’m on hand to share my vast, superior knowledge of photography and food with you, should you wish?! :D :D But seriously – if you’d like any help, maybe I can advise somehow.

    The pancake pic – did you take it in daylight, or using artificial light?

    • Blackie Warner


      It was an artificial light, due to the nightshift it’s hard to make myself useful in the daytime.

      The thing is that I don’t know what to start asking about ) Im lacking a lot of basic knowledge and for now Im just experimenting and trying to memorize the common mistakes I make. It’s rly cool cause every photo teaches me smth new which is great. I ordered the books we talked about, also I spend my nights reading blogs and guides on food photography, there are really interesting resources, I think I will post the collection of links some day that helped me the most.

      Also I started looking for some decorations and some small good looking things that I’ve never noticed before. Im not buying much, just trying to find shops and to see what they sell. Like confetti or interesting plates or good looking cocktail umbrellas. I know it should be the last of my worries, but I just need something to hold on to.

      Hrml that was a long comment )

  • Zeth Ater

    I’m happy to hear that you decided to make your hobby even more professional. Hope that you’ll become world known artist very soon ^^

    • Blackie Warner

      Thank u!) there is a lot to learn and I’m just a beginner but I’m really enjoying it. Hope to tell u more at work when u are done with the nightshift)