Sunset in Bad Endorf

I was sorting out my photos from the Christmas vacations and wanted to share with you few more pictures I took in Bad Endorf in Germany. I’ve already posted few before, but they are so different, that it makes sense to show the whole evening. The sun went down pretty fast coloring the sky in all shades of yellow and red. The sunset in that area is genuinly amazing.

On the other note, it’s 4.30 at night and I’m at work. Having a nightshift could be quiet fascinating. I thought it would be a torture, but it’s actually pretty good. Though I can’t want to have a vacation at last. I will finish nightshift in the beginning of March, will have 5 days of transition and then – Paris!
I really can’t wait.

Travel Photos: Germany, Bad Endorf

Travel Photos: Germany, Bad Endorf

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  • Charles Smith

    Such a beautiful sight – that sunset over the mountains. Which mountains are those anyway?