First plans of the route for The Car Trip’12

I am playing with Google maps trying to find the best route for the summer car trip. You can find photos from the last year car trip here, and I want to make this one even better! )

Last year the route looked like this, we covered around 1700km, but this time we can take few more days off and cover even more )

For now I have two plans, one is a round trip that starts in Munich, the other one starts in Munich and ends in Amsterdam. Also places that we will have to visit for sure are:

– Munich (we have to start the trip there)
– Bad Endorf in Germany
– Gent in Belgium
– Rotterdam in Netherland (want to see as many dutch cities and towns as possible)

Any ideas on how to make this trip better, on places to see or on how to save time are really appreciated )
Travel Photos: The Car Trip'12
Travel Photos: The Car Trip'12

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  • Charles Smith

    Any particular reason why you want to stay in this area again?

    Personally I’d go for something coastal and mountainous – Maybe something like this route?

    • Blackie Warner

      The route looks rly cool! Hmmmmm I have to think about it )
      Well, I wanted to start in Munich because of the visa stuff, I can start somewhere else of course, but would be better for my visa obligations to start in Germany. Toby’s parents live in Bad Endorf so we wanted to visit them, and my friend lives in Gent, haven’t seen him in a long time and wanted to visit him )

      • Charles Smith

        Yeah, I suppose if you wanted to see your friend or something – I just have a real urge myself right now to go to the mountains – I think I’ll plan a trip to Switzerland soon. You can get right into the mountains in about 1.5 hours from Zurich. We’ll rent a car and drive up to somewhere like Göschenen or something similar – I don’t care at all about skiing – I just want to feel “away” from everything, and have some clean, mountain air :)