Traditional lamb stew in Dingle

This January my friends visited me in Ireland and we had a chance to drive around on the weekend. It was a really great trip, and I want to thank everyone who made it happen )

We left Cork on the Friday night, stopped by Limerick and had a nice meal in the restaurant. Then followed the road to Doolin and in the middle of nowhere found a b&b that I booked in advance. B&b is galled “Glasha Meadows” and it turned out to be just great – very cozy rooms, great breakfast and nice and friendly owners.

In the morning after the breakfast we made our way to the Cliff of Moher. There won’t be any photos of the cliffs, cause for some reason I cannot, I genuinely can’t take a decent picture of them. Took great photos of my friends with the cliffs on the background, but when it comes to the landscape – the result is totally unsatisfying.

Well anyway, after the cliffs we drove to Dingle, which is practically a different side of Ireland. Passed through a beautiful Connor Pass and ended up in Dingle itself. Didn’t stay long there, but long enough to taste a great traditional lamb stew. One can say that it looks almost like the lamb stew from the M.J. O’Neill’s pub in Dublin
but you can totally feel the difference. The stew in Dingle had more interesting root vegetables and the lamb was spiced differently for sure ) But in general – yup, pieces of very tender lamb stewed with the root vegetables in the tasty broth.

Travel Photos: Ireland, Dingle

Bonus photo) That fisherman boat looked great
Travel Photos: Ireland, Dingle

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  • Charles Smith

    Why can I not just be nice… when I read “This January my friends visited me”… why is my first thought to want to write: “omg, you have friends?????” :D

    Also – I find the name “Dingle” hilarious for some reason ;)

    That’s a hearty looking stew, or “stoo” as some people say – I find cliffs terribly hard to photograph too… they come out looking blue and bleached all the time :(

    • Blackie Warner

      Come on, tell me why Dingle makes you so giggly! )

      Trying to find any decent photo of the cliffs – and I can’t. It’s all like covered in a fog, the contrast is minimum, of course I can photoshop but it’s very visible and I leave it after some time with no good result ( I will continue trying though, someone takes that photos that they put on postcards, if they can do it – I can! )

      • Charles Smith

        Ah, just sounds a bit like dongle, dingle dongle, tra la la! :D

        • Blackie Warner

          That is hilarious, ehem, yeah.. )

  • Lizzy Do

    What a lovely lamb stew! Popping over from Charles’ blog…loved your dish with the unusual name and beautiful layers :)

    • Blackie Warner

      Thank you, Lizzy! Hope you like it here ) Lamb stew is called a “traditional stew” in Ireland, since they also have a beef one. I enjoy tasting different versions of them, you can find really interesting recipes in different pubs depending on the county!