Connor pass, January 2012

Connor pass is a scenic road leading to the Dingle peninsula, I’ve been there already in 2010, but its amazing how different it looks in summer and in winter. I know, it sounds obvious, but Ireland seems to me like a country of one season, the climate here is very mild, and it’s hard to notice the seasons change. Of course, I can only compare it to living in Russia when people have 4 sets of clothes to survive 4 different seasons, but you got the idea )

If you happen to drive in Ireland – you have to spend half a day and drive to Dingle, this is an unforgettable experience. Half way through there is a mountain lake that you can climb to, and if you pick a day during the working week there wont be anyone to disturb you.

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  • Charles Smith

    Heh, looks like the Scottish highlands a little. What’s the deal with the forest in the last photo? Maybe you’re using a high zoom or something so the DoF is really compressed, but the forest looks like…… it should be further back… or something… hard to explain :D

    • Blackie Warner

      I used the least suitable lens to take these, so it might be that the perspective is a bit screwed. But I really don’t think its a forest – looks more like a field of smth. There are not much forests in Ireland in general and I would be surprised to see it in the valley.