Somewhere near Tralee

We found this place on the road from Tralee to Dingle. The light was incredible there, the rays of light were piercing the clouds. We stopped immediately and I could take few pictures. Luckily I took a camera bag where I keep my filters and I used the gradient Cokin filter here, which helped a lot.

To be honest, I don’t remember where exactly that place is. If you recognize it, could you please tell me? )

Had a very nice weekend, we left Cork on the Saturday evening and drove to the Doolin area, somewhere in the middle of nowhere we found our b&b which turned out to be great. It’s called Glasha Meadows, and I enjoyed it a lot. In the morning we went to the Cliffs of Moher, then to Limerick, then to Tralee and Dingle. So I have quiet a few photos to show, stay tuned )

Travel Photos: Ireland, Tralee

Travel Photos: Ireland, Tralee

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  • Charles Smith

    “Dingle” – lol :D

    Damn, I can never capture light rays… well, maybe I’ll be able to now I have a polarising filter, although I think an ND Grad filter is better maybe… something else I need to get. Which filter(s) did you use?

    Lovely shots :)

    Duh – I just re-read your post and realised you mentioned using the cokin grad filter… ok… I needz that then.

    • Blackie Warner

      What’s so funny about the Dingle? )

      Polar filter won’t help much, actually I found out that its preventing you from capturing some interesting light. It can help you to make a clean shot, if it’s sunny, but I have doubts that it can be useful for the rays of light.

      You should definitely try the gradient filter, its a bit complicated to use (its a Cokin system, you have to buy a plastic set to hold the filter and then a filter itself which is not circular but rectangular). I will show it to you in France)

      And thank you for the compliment to my shots )

      • Charles Smith

        Dingle’s a funny name :)

        Polar filters are great for water, but I can see their disadvantages… as for Cokin… I think I had one. Neil gave his old one to me, without any filters… I ditched it because I already had some circular, screw on filters