My light cube setup

I’ve been playing with the new camera a lot those days, and wanted to show my very basic setup that I use to take photos of small objects.

Here I have:
– a medium light cube (a very basic one from ebay)
– tripod
– 2 simple lamps from Argos
– colored paper backgrounds (bought some colored paper in the art supplies)
– a box and a book to hold the light cube
– camera and a macro lens
– a small remote (though mkII has 2 seconds delay mode, which is really helpful in those cases)

And in the end I get something like this:

Any ideas for improvement or corrections are very much welcomed )

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  • Charles Smith

    Bit of light from underneath somehow? (Don’t know how… that’s for you to figure out :D). Results are good but the bit of shadow underneath is distracting to me.

    • Blackie Warner

      Yeah I noticed that as well when I came to work, my monitor at home seems to be brighter and the shadow is not that visible. I could try to place a small reflector for the objects of this shape. But other objects should be better, like small statues for example

      • Charles Smith

        Yeah, I guess spheres aren’t the easiest things to shoot. I have the same problem – I have two different monitors… one has a much higher power output than the other so before converting the pics to jpeg I always need to drag them over to check through them on the less bright monitor to ensure they’re not too dim :(

      • Oliver

        I thought you already know of this handy little tool, but it seems you don’t! ;)

        No more different colors on different screens!

        Greetings and an awesome year 2012,

        • Blackie Warner

          This is cool! Thanks a lot for the link )
          I knew that there are such things, just didn’t google it yet to find smth specific ) Will definitely get one when I have a chance.

          Happy New year to u too!