Happy 1st of January!

I love the 1st of January. You get up late, look around and see presents left from last night (some of them you were sleeping with cause they were that awesome). You go to the kitchen, see a mess of hell left from yesterday – wrapping paper everywhere, empty bottles, plates on the floor. You open the fridge, get a cold orange juice and chew smth left from yesterday’s feast (cause most of it was left untouched anyway). I love the 1st of January.

What else do I love… Hmhm, I love my new camera, though I don’t think that the word “love” fully describes that feeling. I can’t believe I have it, when I opened the box I felt dizzy. It’s like a life changing thing, a reason to start taking photography seriously. Full frame is a totally new world, everything is different and I can’t wait to start exploring it.

Wish you all a happy 1st of January, and an amazing New year )

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  • http://fiveeurofood.com Charles Smith

    Grumble grumble :( Hope you don’t drop your camera in a river or something :( Maybe you should send it to me for safe-keeping ;)