Christmas market in Cologne

The good thing about being a Russian is that Christmas is not over for me after 25th at all, it’s just starting. Can’t wait for the New year, already planned the food menu, movies to watch, and presents of course.

Want to keep the Christmas spirit as much as possible, so I will post my vacation photos for a while.
Took these on the Christmas market in Cologne, I’m so glad I took my macro lens and could take at least few detailed photos of the beautiful glass decorations they had there.

I so liked the lights on the first photo, was walking around them for 2 days and couldn’t decide to buy until they had a sale in the last day and we bought 2 different ones. They are just amazing, put them on the wall in the bedroom and seriously considering keeping them for the rest of the year. They make the room so cozy…

This is a very cool thing, I bought one like this for myself. It’s a Christmas decoration that you put on a tree, its made of glass and you can put a small candle inside. Don’t know about safety, but looks really good )

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  • Charles Smith

    Lights in the first pic look like physalis… perhaps they were designed with the fruit in mind?

    • Blackie Warner

      They actually look like flower blooms, made of some paper-like cloth. I bought 2 of them, they are unbelievable beautiful. Will take a photo of the ones I have at home later )