Merry Christmas!

To be honest, I never really celebrated Christmas before I came to Ireland. In Russia we have Christmas on the 7th of January, and it’s more of a religious holiday. Though we do celebrate the New Year eve, we have a lot of traditions on how to do it, and I enjoy this holiday more than any other.

When I moved to Ireland I left all the Christmas decorations I had in Russia, so I had to start a new collection over again. So for the 3 years now I’ve been collecting different decorations from other countries I visit during my vacations. I have decorations from Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Amsterdam, Denmark, Russia. Our tree is getting bigger and bigger each year, and I can’t wait to bring more decorations from this vacation as well. This makes me so happy to unwrap them each year and to recall the vacation I brought it from. This is a Christmas spirit for me )

Hope you are having a great holiday as well! I wish you the best of luck and joy, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  • Charles Smith

    Merry Christmas :) Nice decorations… are they glass?

    • Blackie Warner

      Merry Christmas! Yup, its glass. In Ireland its very hard to buy glass decorations, most of them is plastic. What about france?

      • Charles Smith

        Glass – nice… I really like the one on the left in the last photo. France – well, it’s mostly plastic-fantastic, but you can get a few glass ones, but they’re very basic – just glass balls to hang on the tree… I never saw intricate ones like this!

        • Charles Smith

          Was gonna say – I wish more people would get stuff like this and re-use it. There’s such a habit of replacing everything each year – “Oh, I want different lights, Oh, I want a different colour tinsel”. We have a “Christmas box” filled with decorations and tree ornaments which we use every year… same when I was a kid too. My wife made some stuff too with wool to hang on the tree – they look really cute :)

          • Blackie Warner

            Oh wool decorations are very nice! Did she knit or felt? U should take photos of them)
            I dont understand why ppl buy new decorations each year either. Christmas is all about traditions, and its so nice to have your own collection of decorations, with memories and stuff…

            I find glass decorations on Christmas markets mostly, they sell beautifull things here, usually hand made. Sometimes u can see how they make a new one – with fire, very cool! Thats why I dont have a lot, I bring few each year, dont want to buy a lot in the same time, want to be picky and collect them over the years)

  • Kim

    Your photos of your Christmas decorations are very nice, especially next to hte different colors Christmas Tree lights.

    • Blackie Warner

      Kim, thank you so much! ) Wanted to show a little bit of a Christmas spirit in those photos. Happy New year btw!