Kinsale, 2009

I decided to post something sunny and warm, when its so dark and cold outside. Found my photos from my first trip to Kinsale (Cionn tSáile) in 2009.

This town is a huge tourist attraction, Kinsale is famous for its restaurants and for the yacht club (since it’s located on the coast).
Because of the tourists it’s hard to see the real Irish life there, not in the city center anyway. But if you go a bit to the suburbs you can find beautiful small houses painted in bright colors with back yards and gardens, covered in green plants.

I like it there in summer, when the weather allows to explore the area outside of the city center, which is full of small restaurants and cafes of course. One of the famous ones is the Fishy Fishy restaurant, and if you like seafood this is a place to go.

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  • Charles Smith

    It looks so quiet – can only really see people in the second pic, maybe a few in the first on the right. Nice place to spend some time, out of the way of people perhaps! (or were there loads and they’re all behind the camera? :D)

    • Blackie Warner

      Its a pretty crowded town) but I happened to be there early in the morning, when the shops were mostly closed, tourists were still having breakfast in their b&bs, and streets were empty and quiet.
      Btw funny story – I was walking there and an Irish old guy asked me about my camera and stuff and said that he has a good view from his living room, so he invited me (and Toby) to stop by and we did! It was so unusual for me, but was great) I love Irish people.

      • Charles Smith

        “said that he has a good view from his living room, so he invited me”…

        Bwahaha, sounds like the most obvious chat-up line ever :D

        • Blackie Warner

          Thats what u use, huh?.. )

          • Charles Smith

            Ah come on… I can see it now… he’s all like “Hey, I’ve got a great view from my living room”, you go there, and then he’s like “Oh, I meant from my bedroom actually, here let me show you”, hurrr.

            Nah, for real, he sounds like friendly old fella :)

          • Blackie Warner

            Haha yeah I know how it sounds) but dunno that time it looked ok, we talked a bout the camera stuff, he told us about his house and how he got it and so on. Yeah he was friendly)